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Brick and Stone Designs - Ben Hentges Masonry, LLC
Specialty Designs
Many people like to create a visual focal point to accent their home.  However, some make the choice of using a louver vent in the most prominent places on their homes such as in the peaks of their roof above their garage or main entry.  For years our company has focused on creating specialty brick and stone designs to accent these prominent areas on a home.  This has become a popular request from clients to make their home unique.  Our company specializes in these types of designs that set your home above the rest.  There are numerous options available for accent designs and they can be incorporated into a home that is being newly constructed or a home that has been standing for a hundred years and needs some updating.  These designs can be cut into the existing brick on your home in order to give it a facelift or to reflect some of your own style in a home you have purchased or in a home that you have had built for you but you would like to add something to really make it your own.  Check out our photo gallery to find something you would like on your home! 
Arches & Columns
Would you like to create a dramatic entrance on your home?  Our company specializes in brick and stone archways and columns!  This type of entry way creates beautiful curb appeal for your home!  Even if you would like columns that are spiraling upwards we will customize our work to meet your needs. 
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